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Free Cat Care Mini Comic

Caring For Your Cat contains lots of good information for children and grown-ups on how to care for your feline friends.  There are even ideas for DIY cat toys you can make yourself. Here's a sample: READ ONLINE PRINT BOOKLET Booklet Instructions: Click "Print Booklet" above. When you view the PDF on your computer the pages will look like they are in the wrong order, but don't worry! It will work itself out in a minute.  Print the PDF double sided on letter sized paper.  It's very important that you print double sided . When you do that, you will have five sheets of paper front and back. Fold the sheets in half and staple down the middle. Tada! you will have a 8.5" x 5.5" mini booklet. And check out Flubby's newest adventures available September 2021 . 

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