Sunday, July 16, 2006

Alfie the Alligator is listed as a "Best Bet" Book

My book "May I Please Have a Cookie?" was listed by the TEMPO Reading Program at the University of Virginia as being a "Best Bet for the Classroom." I feel honored that my beginning reader book was listed right between Tedd Arnold and Kate DiCamillo.

You can see the rest of the list here. For more information about my book you can click here.

My son's preschool class liked my book but I think they are a little biased because the teachers and the kids know me. But I recently heard from a friend in NY that she saw a battered copy of my book at her child's preschool. The teacher said the kids like my book and she reads it often. When someone forgets to say please, the teacher says to them, "What would Alfie say?" That just made my day!!


Roz said...

How wonderful! I know that must be such a thrill for you.

Anonymous said...

Really amazing! Useful information. All the best.

Martha said...

My daughter loves to read your book because she can and Alfie is so lovable. Please write more stories. Every child should feel about books the way my daughter feels when she finishes reading your book.
You did an amazing job. Cheers!