Friday, January 25, 2008

Dollar Koi

I've always been fascinated by origami and I also happen to like goldfish and money. And this has to be the coolest combination of the three. Check out the other amazing things created out of dollar bills by Won Park at Deviant Art. It truly boggles my mind how someone figured this out.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

If a Monkey Gets a Nice Review

I read this very nice review of "If a Monkey Jumps Onto Your School Bus" today.

"A joyful mix of text and illustration. The core idea for this narrative is not new, but the presentation will tickle listeners. Not only are the text limericks funny, but the illustrations - with humor, expression and activity - take kids on a fun journey. A thoroughly enjoyable book. Highly recommended."

- Nancy Warren Farrell, Juvenile Book Review Committee
Juneau Public Libraries

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Day The Music Died

For Christmas this year I only asked for one thing - an MP3 player. So Santa pulled through and brought me a shiny new MP3 player. YAY! I sat down one Saturday not long after Christmas with my new MP3 player, one of my favorite CD's and the user's manual. It took four hours of downloading windows updates, bios updates for the player and a even an updated user's manual before I got it working. At one point I very seriously contemplated taking the evil contraption back to the store.

But by dinner time the CD was on the MP3 player and all was right with the world. By the next day I was really loving my new little buddy. I figured out how to purchase songs on the internet and was having fun searching for new songs. I was dragging my player around everywhere and really enjoying it. Last week I went back to the gym after a long hiatus and of course brought my tunes along.

But there was one very important thing they didn't mention in the manual...

Thoroughly check the pockets of your clothes before washing.

Now I've heard stories of cell phones living through the permanent press cycle. I thought maybe if I just let it dry out thoroughly before turning it on it might survive. Maybe. I can hope, can't I?

But alas, after 4 days of drying and waiting. I finally tried the power button...

...sigh, apparently that washing machine thing only works with cell phones. Good-bye little buddy.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Illustration Friday - 100%

I was having trouble thinking of something for 100% but I started doodling and I came up with this character that is 100% evil. This is not at all typical of what I draw. But I saw Sweeney Todd and Batman Begins this week. I guess it has got me in a creepy, dark mood.