Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Alfie Available for Pre-Order

Yipee! it's official. It won't be out until April, but I just noticed that Alfie's new book, "Please Write Back!" is now available on a few internet sites for pre-order. Amazon has it, and hopefully other will soon.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's Chicken Tomato!

It's a bird... it's a plane... It's Chicken Tomato!

My daughter found this little guy in the produce section of the grocery story the other day. It's not everyday you find a veggie that looks like a muppet. So, of course, we had to bring it home. I have to admit, it is pretty cute. So much so, that my daughter won't let me cut it up. So alas, I think Chicken Tomato may die a slow and mushy death in the veggie crisper.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

War Horse Puppets

Wow, life-sized horse puppets, how cool is that? I hope the show comes to the US. I'd love to see these in real life.

He's baaaack!

Okay I usually don't post three blog entries in a row but I've got lots of news this week. The last big chunk of news that I would like to announce is that Alfie has returned, or should I say, will be returning in April 2010 in a new Scholastic Reader. I received a preview copy in the mail the other day. It's so exciting to see my story actually looking like a real book. Look for more info to come as the release date gets closer.

Highlights High Five Pewter Plate Award

I remember Highlights Magazine from when I was a kid. So I was absolutely thrilled when I was contacted last year to illustrate for Highlights High Five Magazine. But then this past week, I received a package in the mail that I had won a Highlights High Five Pewter Plate award for best bonus page illustration! Not only that, I actually got the pewter plate! How cool is that?! I have won prizes before and have gotten paper certificates, t-shirts etc. But I think this is the first trophy sort of a thing I've every received in my entire life. It's got my name engraved on it and everything. I quickly hung it on the wall. I was afraid someone might use it for their peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Thank you so much High Five!! Above are some pages from the winning project. It was a tear out page that could be cut and stapled together make a mini book entitled "My First Backpack"


Phew, just got back from a trip to Atlanta. We had a great time visiting family and taking in the sites. One of the highlights was seeing the baby panda at the zoo. Most of the crowds were busy looking at the adult panda in the other enclosure because he was climbing around and doing somersaults. Which was great because I was able to do this sketch of the baby while he took a nap. And let's face it, there isn't anything any cuter than a baby panda bear. He sure made that log look comfy.