Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Alfie is a cover boy

Okay so it's not Time or Newsweek. But Alfie did make the cover of the Scholastic book club flyer this month - he looks darn happy about it too!


Chickengirl said...

haha! I use to work at scholastic book clubs and designed those flyers. Brings back memories. Hooray for Alfie!

Ginger*:)* said...

Congratulations Jenn. I used these flyers when I was teaching First Grade! They were so much fun...and yes, it does bring back memories. My only regret is that I am not teaching now,and holding this one in my hand. Then I could say, "Wow, boys and girls, I know this wonderful illustrator!"

wynlen said...

That's great Jenn! Alfi is such a sweetie.

Anette Heiberg

Jennifer VanSchoyck said...

Had to share this with you! My daughter Hayleigh (age six, in kindergarten, WONDERFUL reader) used her OWN money to order that spring collection!!!!

J. E. Morris said...

Jennifer I think that's awesome! Tell Hayleigh that I hope she enjoys the book.

Jennifer VanSchoyck said...

She got the collection yesterday! Guess which one she read to me first??? LOL

I just showed her your reply about you hoping she enjoys it (I let her read it) and she is thrilled that the author and illustrator of the book talked to HER!! LOL

She read it to me and to her sister and her dad and to her little brother! (Who by the way LOVED the part where Alfie tries to steal the cookie with the fishing pole!!)