Thursday, October 11, 2007

Spiders Spiders Everywhere

I've volunteered to help out with the elementary school's haunted house fund raiser this year. What a mistake that was! I haven't been able to sleep because I keep scheming up new things for the haunted house. I'm having lots of fun but sheesh! I've gotta get some sleep!

Last night I made these spider nests for the arachnid room. I got the idea from Martha Steward magazine. They used Styrofoam balls but as I discovered styrofoam balls are kind of expensive (who knew?) so I stole a couple of wiffle balls from the garage I think they worked okay.

I'm also making a more ambitious prop - a haunted mirror. I'll post most pictures when I finish building the contraption.


karen lee said...

COOL - I got that $^&#@^ love to hate her Martha mag. We are going to make the skull cupcakes!

eeek - I love Halloween! Karen

Ginger*:)* said...

Jenn, it looks so spooooky! Great job. Me? I woulda filled those nests with water balloons. I have that same #@%&** relationship with MS as well. This is my time of year!

princesstomato said...

how fun!dang, those are some big wiffle balls! LOL
i too discovered the outrageous price of styrofoam when helping a niece with a model of the solar system. crazy!

can't wait to see the haunted mirror!


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