Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Illustraion Friday Tea (Revisted)

I was leafing through some old work and came across sketch I did way back in 2006 for Illustration Friday. The topic was tea. Boy I can't believe that was 3 years ago!

I always liked how the sketch came out so I decided to finish it for use as a promotional piece.


Nancy said...

I love your art. I have looked at what you have posted and it is very engaging. It makes you want to see more. I got here looking for pictures of Koi for my polymer clay habit and stumbled upon a picture of yours of a little person looking in the pond as viewed from the fishes' perspective; I beleive you just called it "pond". It just captivated my attention. I think someone could do a whole illustrated book on animals from the animals eyes and kids would love it. You are truly talented and your calling suits you to a "T".
Thanks for sharing!

J. E. Morris said...

Thank you so much Nancy. You made my day. I also love polymer clay :)

Megan said...

Very cute illustration! I'm lovin the hungry bear :)

Chickengirl said...

Excellent. This will make a really great promo piece.

garth said...

Haha, what a great illo! Love the subtlety of it.