Saturday, March 30, 2019

Flubby the Cat Finger Puppet Craft - Free Download

Download these free Flubby the Cat finger puppets.  Print them on card stock and color to make your own kitty characters.  I taped a pipe cleaner tail to the backside of mine.  If you are making a class sized batch, a 5/8" hole punch from the craft store works great for cutting out the finger holes.

Flubby the Cat Finger Puppets

And don't forget to read these purr-fectly fun easy reader books, FLUBBY IS NOT A GOOD PET! and FLUBBY WILL NOT PLAY WITH THAT!


Unknown said...

My Elementary loves FLUBBY! I would like to download the craft, but the link is broken. Can you fix it?

J. E. Morris said...

I'm so glad your kids like Flubby. I'm sorry about the link, I'm in the process of changing over my website and links are all messed up. You should be able to download the PDF by clicking here...