Sunday, December 27, 2009

Critters (Paris and Ruby)

While I was on the topic of rodents, I thought I should also share some photos of another cute little critter that as recently entered our lives. This is Paris one of two pet rats we adopted for Christmas. Her sister Ruby is hiding under the covers. It's so hard to get a good picture of them because they are either sleeping or in constant motion. But Paris was lounging in her hammock today so I was able to snap a couple of photos. I just love those whiskers.
They are really cute and run to greet you when you open the cage. If you are wearing a hoodie they will try and dive in the pocket so they can go for a ride.


Ginger*:) said...

Hi Jenn, these two look completely happy. They look like they could be dressed up in frilly collars, tophats, and dancing shoes.
You know there is no such thing as just two rats. They are very clannish. Are you planning a giveaway?
These are darling and much nicer than anything I ran across when living in the city. Those city guys are truly scary.

Happy New Year to you and may you be blessed with all the work you want, and all the free time you need.

Loni Edwards said...

Oh Paris and Ruby are adorable! Kudos to you and your family for adopting them! There are so many ratties out there in shelters that need love! Happy Holidays!

Maureen Hume said...

I adore animals, especially abandoned ones, and I'm up to adoption number six.
I love watching my babies when they're relaxing and looking completely content it truly makes me happy.
Paris looks like she's one laid back lady. I'm certain she and Ruby will enhance your lives no end.

J. E. Morris said...

Thanks all, if anyone is interested in adopting some rats we got these two from Mainely Rats Rescue here in New England. I'm so glad we went that route instead of going to the pet store. It's been a really nice experience.