Monday, January 24, 2011

Drawing from Life #2

So far, so good sticking to resolution #1. Hopefully I can fill up a sketch book this year. These are some random kids at Taekwondo class. It's a tough place to draw because they never stand still. BTW, the baby wasn't taking Taekwondo she was waiting for her big brother.


Henna J said...

Expressions and movement beautifully captured!
Have you drawn people during Taekwondo doing patterns or looking at stances or during kicking drills? It would be cool for me to try but then I'd have to sit out of class. :( I think maybe giving it a go would help my understanding and accuracy of positions and movements. Thoughts?

J. E. Morris said...

You can try but I think you might find they are moving pretty fast. Give it a go - maybe you can sit and watch a different class other than your own so you won't have to sit out.