Sunday, May 13, 2007

Painting Technique - Monkey Cover #7

Front Cover

Back Cover

This is post number 7 showing the steps of painting the cover if "If a Monkey Jumps Onto Your School Bus." I suppose it's lucky number 7 because I'm done! After adding some highlights and details, here is the final product. And best of all, the publisher is happy with it (Yay! that's always a big relief) I scanned a UPC code from another book just to see what it would look like.

I also added the title in. The designer may change it but at least I have an idea of what it might look like.


scott e said...


My 3 year old daughter loves this!!

J. E. Morris said...

That is the best kind of complement! You made my day!

"e" said...

Jenn - it's beautiful!!! This is going to just POP off the shelves - you must be so proud!

karen lee said...

This is fantastic Jenn. It's clever and engaging.

Well done!


mike r baker said...

Super charming, Jen! Definately artwork that would get me to pick up that book. You do such amazing work. :)

J. E. Morris said...

You guys are all so nice. Thanks!

Edrian Thomidis said...

I popped by your site and came across these series of posts about your process. I have found them incredibly helpful! Thanks for taking the time to put these together and post them.
By the of our favorite books in the house is 'May I please have a Cookie?' My 3 and 6 year old love it!

Anonymous said...

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