Friday, June 05, 2009

Grocery store find

One of the fun things about doing design work is that you never know when you might stumble across one of your designs in a store. I was in the grocery store the other day. I really wasn't in the mood to go grocery shopping but I knew ketchup and saltines for dinner wasn't going to cut it for dinner. As I slogged through the last aisle I was surprised to see the bakery department was decorated with mylar balloons that had my froggy design on them. I covertly snapped a photo on my cell phone. People probably thought I was a kook taking photos of the scones.

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Ginger*:) said...

Oh Jenn!! Is that yours? I almost bought one at the local SHAWS last Sunday. But it was for display only and they didn't have another for sale. This week I will go talk them out of one. I save these things long after the helium goes out and use them to decorate our Sunday School rooms.

Wow. Congrats and Kudos!!