Monday, May 03, 2010

Old Watercolors from my Closet

I've been doing some spring cleaning the past few days. Well, spring cleaning might be a misnomer in my case. Can you really call it spring cleaning when you only do it every two or three years? But regardless, I have been shoveling out my studio. And I've found some old watercolors stashed away in a portfolio in the back of the closet. I thought I'd share a few over the next couple of day before they go back into hiding. Or who knows, maybe I'll even frame a couple.

I thought this one of magnolia blooms was appropriate since here in New England the Magnolias just finished flowering. This painting is approx 15" x 22"


Lynda Ruud said...

You are so talented! Why can't we live closer together? Then I would nag you everyday to have an art sale until you finally gave in, then I would show up way early, buy everything, then I'd have Jennifer Morris originals all over my house! I'd be the envy of the community!

Mike said...

LOVE this one!